Episode LIX: Revenge of the Nerds

Episode LIX: Revenge of the Nerds

Episode LIX: Revenge of the Nerds

Recorded 4/6/14

Bryan, Mike, and Bobby talk about all the recent news and rumors about Episode VII, the Wookieepedia April Fool’s foofaraw, and Bobby gives a report from Emerald City Comic-Con. Then, they discuss Bobby’s latest assignment of The Clone Wars on “Late to the Party.”

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  1. Before you guys criticize Wookieepedia, you guys need to learn how a wiki of such works. Demanding change and ranting/whining on Twitter or here without actually participating in the system doesn’t work, my friends. It’s not a forum; it’s not a silly fansite; it’s a systemically consensus driven place.

    Oh, and not liking one article out of 110,000+ articles is hilariously laughable.

  2. Nice try, Darth Culator.

  3. Hey great episode as always. I totally agree with all your commentary on Wookiepedia and the sad biased state of fandom as a whole. That said, I do think you were a bit off on one area. You guys were saying that its unfair for girls to feel as if they are quizzed or tested before being embraced by their male counterparts (ie. “No one tested you when you said you liked star wars”) Well, I think this has to do with the fact that for years we have had “fake” girl fans and booth babes shoved down our throats to sell products. I’m more disgusted by the booth babes than by anything Wookiepedia did. I think that small segment of the female population is making it hard for anyone to take female fans more seriously.

  4. Ithildyn

    Way to blame it on the Booth Babes and not the menfolk who decided to hire them to provide “eye-candy” for the pleasure of the sole demographic they are interested in catering to: fellow men (or should I say, “boys”? After all, you’ve used “girls” and “female” when referring to women in your post. Maybe I should extend the same linguistic courtesy?).

    And then generalize the Great Wrong(?) these “fake geek girls” caused you to… all women in fandom, somehow. So now you can’t take any of them seriously without quizzing. Because babes.

    You know what’s funny?
    When a woman has a negative fandom experience – say, she gets in an elevator with a guy, late a night at a con, and he decides that them being trapped alone in a closed space is an excellent venue to make a pass at her; or she’s a cosplayer and gets harassed by creepy guys who ask her inappropriate sexual questions and try to cop a feel or pretend to do so “for the lolz” and film that and put in on Youtube – and then if that woman dares claim afterwards that it made her feel unsafe, humiliated and/or unwelcome in the fandom space…

    You can pretty much expect that there will be a large uproar from the “male segment of the fandom” with “How Dare You Pass Judgement at Our Entire Fandom Over Such a Silly, Isolated Event” and “Learn to Take a Joke” and “It Was an Isolated Incident” and “You’re Blowing Things Way Out of Proportion It Wasn’t So Bad” and “Not All Menz are Like This”, “That Guys Was Just Having Fun/Complimenting You”, or “It’s Just One Crass Sexist Article About Breast Out of 110,000+ That Somehow Made it Frontpage of the Wiki So It Doesn’t Count”, etc. etc.
    (not to mention the silencing, insults, rape threats, slandering campaigns, doxxing, etc. (and if she dares complain about that too, well, reread that paragraph again))

    But you, dear David, can come here and claim that Evil Booth Babes & assorted “Fake Girl Fans”… caused you such great harm… by earning a paycheck by taking the demeaning job of being there for you and other male congoers to ogle at(?)… that you simply cannot extend common human decency and respect to anyone presenting as female in fandom.

    You’re saying that. With a straight face. And we’re supposed to nod our heads in understanding and pat your back, saying “That’s rough buddy – go ahead and disrespect/distrust in advance all female fans by the virtue of their gender, after all it has been -so- hard for you”?

    Yeah… well I’m sorry to inform you but even though so say you “agree with about the ‘biased’ state of the fandom”? You’re sadly part of the problem.


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