Episode CXXV: Huttslayer

Episode CXXV: Huttslayer

Episode CXXV: Huttslayer

Recorded 7/25/15

The full crew, Mike, Bryan, Bobby, and Amy, is back to discuss all the latest happenings in Star Wars. They discuss the 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon, Huttslayer Leia, Ahmed Best’s Jar Jar Binks interview, and box office expectations for The Force Awakens.

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  1. Connecting dots: I can’t answer who choose or designed Jabba’s metal bikinis. Maybe it was Hugo Boss. They designed some other uniforms in their past. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hugo_Boss#Foundation

  2. Jas Singh UK

    Waaah! I keep checking back for new ep in the hope you might have put up something impromptu! This IS the star wars podcast we have been looking for – I just love it!

  3. I am loading the newest episode now! Thanks!!!


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