Episode CXXVI: Coffee With Kenobi Crossover 2 Part 1

Episode CXXVI: Coffee With Kenobi Crossover 2 Part 1
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Episode CXXVI: Coffee With Kenobi Crossover 2 Part 1

Recorded 8/1/15

Bobby, Bryan, and Mike are joined by Dan and Cory from the Coffee With Kenobi podcast. It’s a two part crossover and here is part one. The five of them discuss the ending of Return of the Jedi, rumors of a new Star Wars netflix series, and JJ Abrams’ levels of personal sacrifice for making The Force Awakens.

The fun continues on the next episode of Coffee With Kenobi: http://www.coffeewithkenobi.com

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Special thanks to Dan and Cory from Coffee With Kenobi for crossing over with us this week!

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  1. Love the show.

    About force ghosts. I’m no expert but I had it in my headcannon that the reason Luke could see these force ghosts was because they were all:
    1. In tune with the living force
    2. Mentored Luke or were pivotal to his relationship with the force. (the Master-Student relationship come up a a lot in book/games etc.)
    3. Most important, Luke actually saw all 3 of them die

    I always thought that these mentors had made a big enough impression upon Luke that when he saw them die they were able to sort of cling to him and strengthen his connection to the force.
    NOTE: this also explains why Obi-Wan was able to see Qui-gon for all of the same reasons.[Living force, Master-student, saw him die.]

    I know that in some side stories or clone wars that witnessing your masters death isn’t required to see force ghosts but it’s how I reasoned it away. That could also be the reason The Sith always kill their masters, as if to grow in the force by witnessing their masters death.

    Do i have any grounds to think this way? Do you think witnessing the death of a jedi is an ingredient to seeing force ghosts?

  2. Gosh, I guess you’re right, I’m nothing but a click farm with nothing to back it up…

    We broke the new that Billy Dee Williams would return to voice Lando in the second season of Star Wars Rebels: http://www.cinelinx.com/tv/item/7066-lando-will-be-back-for-more-star-wars-rebels-adventures.html

    And also dropped a pic from the set of The Force Awakens while filming was going on: http://www.cinelinx.com/movie-news/item/6263-new-set-pic-from-star-wars-episode-vii-goes-back-to-the-desert.html

    We dropped some industry info about why Gary Whitta left the Star Wars project he was writing, which was later backed up by Slashfilm, and trade sources: http://www.cinelinx.com/rumor-control/item/6970-exclusive-why-is-gary-whitta-no-longer-writing-star-wars.html

  3. Hey Jordan, it’s Bobby, the guy who called your site a clickfarm and soundly disparaged your credibility as a “scooper.”

    1) Congrats on getting to talk to Billy Dee Williams. You yourself cite in the article “indications” that it was going to happen preceding your interview. Meaning it was already pretty obvious that it was going to happen. The “confirmation” is also further kinda kneecapped by the fact you had to point out his follow up wasn’t even about Rebels at all, but other voicework he was being asked to do, which – if anything – gives the idea he’s just giving a general answer to your specific question. An answer which, again, you pointed out previously was already pretty much known.

    2) Your set pic is just a pic you got from “Jason with a fan site,” (Is that Making Star Wars? Why not just say so, or actually link your friend and his fan site if it wasn’t?) and doesn’t really set itself apart from the numerous other set pics that were also coming out while the movie was filming. It’s more or less inconsequential.

    3) The “industry info” you dropped was, once again, stuff that was already swirling around out there before you posted it. You didn’t actually “break” anything.

    You put in a lot of work on your blog, I’m sure, and you’re obviously hustling like crazy for eyeballs. It was a little uncharitable of me to suggest you might just be making stuff up (or more fairly & charitably, embellishing what you have) for the sake of getting those eyeballs, but on the other hand, considering the post I’m responding to, I don’t necessarily have a reason to rethink the notion you’re given to embellishments for the sake of the site seeming to be more impactful than it is.

    I just don’t find, as someone discerning about the entertainment news outlets they look at, there’s much reason to pay attention to your site yet, (and who knows, maybe Jason will start loaning you a couple of his sources, and then I’ll have to walk back my statements with apologies and crow) and your Netflix story isn’t providing one, either.

    Like I said on the show, this is like watching a great hitter approach the plate, turning your hat inside out, and taking credit for the home run he hits because you have a rally cap on. Nobody paying attention doesn’t already know that Disney and Netflix are looking to do business with each other, have already done business with each other, and that Lucasfilm producing a show for Netflix has been a possibility. So a story like yours, where the only specific is that the number of shows might total three – that’s not news. Partially because there’s a “might” in there, partially because the premise isn’t particularly newsworthy, and mostly because your site doesn’t have any real credibility of note.

    That said: The Coffee With Kenobi hosts spoke very kindly and highly of you as a person. And I’m sure you’re a nice guy, and it’s obvious you’re hustling hard. But I don’t think the three links you just posted are enough to prove I need to take your site seriously as a news source.

    Thanks for weighing in.

  4. Jill Maddox

    This was a great episode. 🙂

  5. Here’s what my issue really has been. I understand skepticism, I totally do. I get it frequently actually, and not everything out there pays off in the long run.

    But I’ve been running the site for over 5 years now, and in that time I’ve worked incredibly hard to develop the necessary contacts to start doing these sort of things. I barely need TWO hands to count the amount of exclusives currently on the site. That’s barely one a year averaged out. So suggesting that I’m a CONSTANT click farm that offers up little else is what irked me.

    We work hard and have a great team that posts steady editorials, news, and review content every week. I’m happy to say that our average monthly traffic is roughly the same on months that feature NO exclusives. So you can’t argue that’s where I get all of my traffic from. Not to mention the fact that there are no ads on the site period. So I’m not fishing for ad clicks…it’s just not possible.

    And yes, I posted less information than I wanted. I even stated that very clearly within the “narrative” of the article. I hesitated to run it in general, but felt the “news” part of it, the potential 3 shows on Netflix, was of enough interest to readers. I would LOVE more info, but at the time, I think it’s far enough out that it’s simply not there right now. So I ran with what I have.

    If I were iKwiz or one of those ridiculous click bait sites, I would have posted a simple article, maybe a paragraph or two, and pushed it out there. Instead, I presented a more fleshed out article to present ideas about why this would make more sense, and could potentially back up the information I heard…yet for some reason I get lambasted for trying to give MORE within a piece than less.

    So yes, I was irked, because I was accused of doing so little, yet you didn’t bother to do much research on the site either. Seems like an unfair accusation.

  6. I’m not surprised that you were irked, Jordan. I went pretty hard in the paint on your site. And I can understand why you’d be irked (or more accurately, flat out pissed off) considering you’ve been doing this for five years now and the only mention you get on our show is me telling people not to pay attention to you, just as you’re starting to get some notice from other outlets.

    But I guess what I’m really getting at with the clickfarm thing isn’t so much that you’re looking to trade eyeballs for income (although that’s gotta be part of the plan at some point, right?) but that there doesn’t seem to be anything unique or necessary about why you’re doing what you’re doing. I mean, you’ve been doing this five years. Your “exclusives” are about one a year. As you say, your traffic maintains the same level regardless. Your audience is apparently not much bigger than it was before.

    That says to me the content you’re providing hasn’t proven to be worthy of serious attention or trust. And that’s not just a matter of exclusives-frequency, but the news (that everyone else already has access to) isn’t being presented in a manner that makes your site and its voice unique at all. Like I said on the show – if there was a discernable personality there, that’d be something; That’d be a reason to visit cinelinx over any of the fifty/sixty-plus more established, more interesting, more reliable, more accurate, more fun to read entertainment news sites you’re attempting to compete with, much less the comicbook/comicbookmovie/ikwiz/moviepilots out there with zero journalistic intent, ability, or scruples.

    But if, in five years, you haven’t found that voice, and the writing hasn’t improved, and the news aspect hasn’t grown, and the traffic doesn’t rise, the question is “what is Cinelinx offering outside of a nice, enthusiastic guy who really wants people to pay attention to his website?”

    Not much, basically. And that’s why I told people not to pay attention. Because there’s nothing you offered up (or have offered up) that wasn’t already a seed from which speculative conversation might grow, which is all any unconfirmed, unproven rumor from less-credible sources can be: a conversation-starter.

    Basically – just because you’re a nice guy who works hard doesn’t mean you and your site deserves to be taken seriously. Unfair as that may sound (and I’ve had my fair share of that exact shape of unfairness tossed in my lap, so I’m plenty familiar with it), that’s essentially it. There’s no reason to trust you, or read you, when you’re not distinguishing yourself from your competition, in any discernable way, over the course of five years.

    The best way to get me to eat my words is to do just that: Find an honest voice and use it, don’t just pattern your site after every other geek blog that’s exhausted itself since 2004, and then (hopefully) you can break a story – a real story – and break it loudly. And then keep doing it. At which point people like me won’t have any choice but to trust you and pay attention to you the way you’ve been hoping they would for the last five years.

    Good luck.


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