Episode CXXVIII: D23

Episode CXXVIII: D23
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Episode CXXVIII: D23

Recorded 8/16/15

Amy brings a first hand report from Disney’s D23 Star Wars offerings to Bobby, Bryan, and Mike. But before they got into that, they discussed the Entertainment Weekly reports from Anthony Breznican, including Simon Pegg’s controversial involvement in Star Wars. Then, when talk turns to D23, the discussion covers video games, Rogue One announcements, the Star Wars expansions at Disney parks and everything else you under the twin suns.

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Special thanks Amy for sharing her D23 experience with us this week!

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  1. Thank you for calling out Rebel Force Radio for their lame b.s. regarding Simon Pegg. I dropped them from my iTunes.

  2. Justin Unger

    To quote Amy, I “fangirl flailed”, 🙂

    Even though I’m a guy it happened, lol, I was extremely excited by all the nws, and that poster is awesome. I have one question for all of you Lords and Ladies of the Sith Podcast, what is your opinion(s) on the people paying $30-$40 for The Force Awakens figures just so they can have them before September 4th?

  3. I think if Pegg does not like the Prequels that is fine but if you are involved with Lucasfilm as a creative professional then you should keep that stuff among friends, don’t come out on twitter and kick bad blood up in public forums by coming out strong against half of a franchise. I mean he is within his rights to do that but then if he puts it out there publicly then he should rightly expect blowback. Its not about not being authentic, its about acting PROFESSIONAL. Its about having CLASS. Just because someone is offering an honest opinion does not earn them my respect. There is a time and forum for personal opinion and then there is a time to put your best foot forward as a creative, and I would extend this criticism to Josh Trank as well (if allegations prove true) Basically, the old adage, if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say it is a good rule of thumb when engaging the public. If Pegg and JJ want to crap on the Prequels over a beer whatever. If Pegg runs his mouth off online then like I said, god bless, but expect to get called out for being a jerk. Its also not what he says, but how he says it that rubs people the wrong way and I can’t really blame people for getting turned off. I mean no one likes an asshole.

  4. Justin Unger

    See, I love the differing opinions and ideas from the different generations and divisions of the fandom, it’s what (for me) keeps the discussion lively and exciting as we weave ourselves and our experiences into the warp and weft of the tapestry that is Star Wars.

  5. JB: “if you’re involved with Lucasfilm as a professional then you should keep that stuff among friends.”

    Why, though? He didn’t work on those movies. If he’s not pleased with them, he should be able to say so. They’re just movies. It’s not like he was on Lucasfilm’s payroll (or is now, for that matter, really) when he made his feelings known. He’s not “coming out strong against half a franchise.” It’s not a war cry. He’s just a guy who makes movies, saying he doesn’t like some other movies. It’s not a personal insult, nor should it be taken as one, especially not by people who had nothing to do with the making of the film.

    Maybe we’ll talk about this a little on the next show, but there’s this narrative that’s sunk in amongst fans that suggests being a “fan” is one of the most important things a filmmaker can be, and that’s not at all true, and really doesn’t have anything to do with the quality of film that gets made.

    Making jokes about a movie you don’t like doesn’t make you a) a bad filmmaker or b) a jerk. Now if he’d said “everyone who likes the kind of movie I don’t like is a big fat doodie-head who doesn’t know anything and is stupid with a bumface” then yeah, that’d be crossing the line into jerk-dom.

    But this isn’t like walking into a church and saying God is Dead. It’s going on twitter and goofing on movies you don’t like that much. Focusing so much time and energy on whether or not the co-writer of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, and The World’s End had a laugh at the expense of Attack of the Clones seems like an… interesting use of that time and energy, to me.

    Thanks for listening, and weighing in JB.

  6. Justin, I find many things crazy but in recent years I’ve realized different people find different things more important and are willing to spend money to say “First!”. If I unlimited funds I’d probably have to issue doing it. I have been known to spend money on ridiculous stuff that was only important to me. It’s like people who pay for credits on the Star Wars app. To me it’s crazy to spend money on digital cards or to even buy them on eBay. But to each his own I guess. Thanks for asking. MTFBWY.

  7. Justin Unger

    I didn’t mean to come off as being too critical, if I did I apologize. I was simply curious as to what your thoughts were, 🙂

    After all, I’m guilty of that or similar myself, I think we all are to some extent. And I’ll tell you, I was damned tempted to grab up that Flametrooper figure! As a working man I don’t have the luxury of rushing to the stores at midnight to get in the frenzy, I simply have to wait until I’m off and scavenge through the leftovers.

    Especially with Wal-Mart having all of their non-LEGO Rebels and Black Series toys (aside from the most recent Black Series wave) on deep discounts, like $9 instead of $20 for 6″, and $18 for the 31″ Darth Vader, which I bought, :p

    But that BS TIE Fighter, don’t know if I will have room for that thing…


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