Episode CXLVI: The Force, Awakened

Episode CXLVI: The Force, Awakened

Episode CXLVI: The Force, Awakened

Recorded 12/19/15

We watched the movie. We had some theories. We shared some moments. We pulled some loose threads, and tied some others up. We said hello to a new era of Star Wars fandom, and bye to Bobby. For two hours, we talked about what made us laugh, what made us cry, what made us mad, and what made us excited for Episode 8. The Force was awakened. Just let it in.

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Bryan, Amy and I would like to send out a special and heartfelt thank you to our
good friend and master of words Bobby Roberts. Not just for sharing this journey
with us but saving us from spoilers every week, making sure that we had all of our
ducks in a row and forever being there to throw ideas and conversations by.
Hopefully sooner rather than later we’ll be talking to him again real soon. I found it
fitting that for Bobby’s final show with us that he was the one driving this Falcon
and piloting us to the perfect ending. All of our best to you good sir. Thank you. ~ Mike

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  1. I spent this entire day searching the internet for rational, coherent reactions to The Force Awakens….this episode was more then I could have thought. Absolutely incredible stuff guys, and gal. Seriously I’m booking marking this and will now add it to my every growing lists of pods I listen to. You all made my day, seriously fought back tears at work listening to you all rehash these brilliant moments.

  2. thanks for the great discussion guys!
    i found this article that articulates pretty clearly how many of us feel about the music of TFA, and states the obvious as to why it is not as melodic as we expected:

  3. Broofturker

    Great episode; my introduction to your podcast. I love the idea that Rey is a Kenobi for the reasons stated and more. I also enjoy the possession idea, because it touches and notices a theme I caught in this film, although I take a different angle.
    Guys, Rey is the prophesied one! I don’t see how anyone can conclude that Anakin balanced the Force. He got rid of the Sith, but where do you see no balance? I think you see it in the extremes of the Jedi and the Sith, and you see its absence, connection and love, in Luke and then in Rey. They are extremely loyal to their friends; they are connected to them and thus expose themselves to fear and anger. Major characters fell short of this ideal to balance the Force, but came close. Obi Won came close in growing so close to Anakin, in training him, and almost loving a woman. Anakin had struggles to live with this as he loved Obi Won and Padme. Luke exemplified this, but has failed as he has left post, and he couldn’t have been the chosen one anyway-he had parents. Rey will be the one who restores balance as the one who can wield the Force with fear, with anger, with love, and connection; with vulnerability.
    Anakin didn’t restore balance so he is not the chosen one. Then why is that such an important idea in Episode 1? Important to note that the Jedi weren’t convinced for some reason and that Darth Plaguis could create life. I believe he created Anakin. I think this ties in well with so much of the story, where there is this idea of a hero learning they are powerful with the Force and then being trained to be the Hope. Clearly, Luke and Anny were not quite there. She will be. It makes sense that she would be hidden from view of the Dark Side, and it adds a fun twist as everyone is so sure she is a Skywalker, and on following the the idea that she is waiting for a family when in fact she has none; that is until Finn and Luke and whoever else we see in this saga.
    The theme, I think you got close to with the possession idea, is that of family and those who have gone before, those who are still alive; Obi Won, Yoda, Anakin, and Qui Gon. I thought Kylo’s prayer to Vader was so poignant and a hint at what I am talking about. He sought the help of Vader, and didn’t receive it. Rey, on the other hand is getting all sorts of help. I was so glad to hear confirmation that that was McGreggor’s voice, cause I was pretty sure I heard it. This makes her Jedi Mind trick scene even cooler. You are correct that she didn’t know about the Jedi, and thus couldn’t know this trick, but I saw it as guidance from the beyond and evidence of her sensitivity and great power. Her rapid ascension to such great power implies, to me, that she is super powerful and guided by those before, and strengthens my conviction that she is the prophesied one to bring balance to the Force.
    P.S. As a side note, I want to add that Snoke is probably Plaguis.

  4. I like the kenobi lineage for Rey, and I just wanted to point out that if hand and Leia are too old to be her parents, so is luke. Possibly a grand kid of luke, but not daughter.

  5. This was great but I’m still waiting for the post jedi council podcast!! Hey you guys raised the bar and all other podcasts will be measured against those jedi council podcasts!!

  6. Thanks Everyone! We appreciate the kind words and you sharing your theories as well! I’ll text Bryan to make sure he saw these.

  7. Jill Maddox

    What a great podcast. I enjoyed listening to your favorites and reactions. I was glad to hear y’all talk about some of the same theories my husband and I talked about in the car after the movie. There was so much to see and react to. I can’t wait to hear more of your speculation, especially on Finn.

    Keep up the good work.

  8. Really quick, my two cents on Rey’s parentage…I personally got the impression that Han, Leia and Maz knew exactly who she was…but they felt as though it was Luke’s place to tell her…that’s why they kept encouraging her to seek him out (that and the obvious force-sensitive aspect).

  9. George Estrada

    Mark Hamill is 64 years old; Daisy Ridley is 23. Luke Skywalker would have 41 when Rey was born. Luke could have been her father, unless we want to presume that teenage preganancy is the norm.

  10. Have recently “discovered” Starwars-centric podcasts and yours stands out. I really enjoyed the group incite on the new movie and really is making me think far beyond my initial amateurish impressions and comments. It’s also helping me look past some of the things I disliked about the movie.

    I was conflicted on first viewing but enjoyed it far more the second time. Maybe if I watch it enough times I will begin to like Poe (but I sort of doubt it, LOL).

    Looking forward to getting my copy so I can watch and re-watch it in light of others impressions, opinions and revealed easter eggs.


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