Episode CXLVIII: The Fandom Menace

Episode CXLVIII: The Fandom Menace
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Episode CXLVIII: The Fandom Menace

Recorded 1/1/16

Bethany Blanton from the Star Wars Report joins Bryan and Mike to discuss more about The Force Awakens, namely the real-world parallels it provides. Then, the discussion shifts gears and they read a letter from a Star Wars fan new to the fandom who has found it to not be the most welcoming place. Deep discussion ensues.

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Special thanks to Bethany Blanton (@BethanyLBlanton) from the
Star Wars Report (@StarWarsReport) for joining us this week!

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  1. TitletownBrady

    First off, I want to say that I’m new to the podcast and I found your podcast as I have sought out content in a search to find ideas and theories about The Force Awakens.

    What I found in listening to your podcast is a refreshing look into all things Star Wars, not a polarized mish-mash of fandom “Hot Takes.” In the few episodes I have listened to, the way you explain how your views have changed upon repeat viewings of the film and how the supplemental literature has enriched your overall impressions has only strengthened my trust into your opinions whether I agree or disagree.

    This particular episode, one that speaks to the vitriol between fans of new and old, was extremely compelling. As a person in my mid 30’s who grew up in all-things-Star-Wars, I’ve found it to be a bit perplexing why each fan wants to claim how much they know about this fictional universe and how their view has to be the correct viewpoint. All of us love the universe that is created and love different aspects of it, so shouldn’t we show the kind of tolerance that the fictional characters show for each other? There are not only characters of different races and sexes cohabitating, but also characters of different species all-together.

    My viewpoint towards this film is probably unpopular to many fans of my era. I believe that The Force Awakens is my favorite of all the Star Wars movies. The polish of the dialog, the amount of comedy, and the mystery and complexity of the new characters has me more engaged than any previous Star Wars movie I have seen. I believe that the intentional “plot holes” create an interesting discussion and healthy exercise in theory and speculation that help to flesh out the experience to create a fictional universe that is dynamic and organic.

    That is not to say that the movie is without deficiencies. The Hosnian system could have been explained more or the Rathtar scene could feel tagged on. If we are being honest with ourselves, there are many deficiencies with the original trilogy as well. I have more issues with the prequels but it doesn’t ruin Star Wars for me and I don’t need to judge those who really enjoy the prequels either. I choose to accept the movies, warts and all, because it is Star Wars and I am a Star Wars fan.

    Even though this podcast is “Full of Sith,” let’s not follow a Sith’s path of jealousy for those who enjoy certain aspects we may not agree with. There is plenty of space in the universe for all of us to be happy.

    – Brady – padawan no more

  2. John McCormick

    As a Star Wars fan of over 35 years I’ve seen it all. I love many fandoms but for me Star Wars I love, a lot of my fellow “fans” disgust me. They disgusted me over the treatment of Lucas doing the Prequels. They disgusted me when Chewbacca was killed off in the EU book Vector Prime and death threats were made. They disgust me over the way they say, snarl or type “Disney” with venom, not knowing or caring Lucasfilm still are in creative control of the movies,. novels, comics, that Disney just float the cash and distribute. The attitude of the EU crowd when thy realised that LFL agreed with Lucas and the books were an alternate universe and not canon still disgusts me, they tried to spoil TFA when it was released anyway they could across social media.They spew hate on Amazon to any new book thats part of the canon universe without reading it. The hate on TFA disgusts me. “Too much like ANH, its a remake, Disney are forcing female Mary Sues and black stormtroopers down on our throat” The self entitlement that “Star Wars is ruined” and they know best gets on my nerves. Enjoy it or don’t. Spending the past 2 decades complaining about the Special Editions, Jar Jar, the changes to Fetts background and the thousand other petty complaints solves nothing.It actively tries to spoil it for the fans who love Star Wars faults included like myself.

    We don’t deserve nice things at times. We’re our own worst enemies, nothing is ever good enough anymore.


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