Rumor Control 06

Rumor Control 06
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Rumor Control 06

Recorded 6/8/16

So, about all those Rogue One reshoot rumors… this is the story behind a Star Wars story that became, in and of itself, a real Star Wars Story. Welcome to a week in the life of a single rumor as it is born into the mill, grows up and reaches adulthood thanks to various websites using various methods of reporting, relying on “conventional wisdom” and accepted narratives to help it all go down like a spoonful of sugar mixed with ipecac. You wanna know why some rumors stick, and some rumors don’t, and how accuracy has very little to do with it? Listen to this Star Wars story.

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Special thanks to Bobby Roberts for controlling those Rogue One rumors for us this week!

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  1. IV_Dystopia

    Bobby, loved your rant and clarification.

    Next time could you please use the line “vapid, shallow and completely ordinary pontificating windbags.” it would make me soooooooo happy!!!

    -IV Dystopia

  2. GermanBoba

    I just wanted to say, it´s really great to hear Bobby Roberts back in action. Even though I know this may only be a once a year event, it still is something to cherish. This show dropped out of nowhere and really lightened up a tough week. Keep up the great work guys and gals! Bobby, dont be a stranger to the network, because you and your abilities are being missed!


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