Star Wars Podcast Awards Winners – 2016

Star Wars Podcast Awards Winners – 2016
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My apologies for the delay in posting this. In no way is it any reflection on my thoughts or feelings on the hard work by the folks at the Star Wars Podcast Awards, the winners, all the people and shows who were nominated or the fans who have taken their time to vote. I have had a draft of this post ready to go for a while now but it got pushed down in the listing in our database and I came across it tonight and felt horrible that I never actually published it. Initially I was waiting for the SWPA folks to post their show. Again I apologize with all I am.

My… Our congratulations to everyone involved, for all your hard work and love for Star Wars. It is without measure! Thank you for everyone who had voted for our show in the categories we were nominated and its hosts. Thank you to Mark Dago for allowing us to use his song Knightfall as our theme song all these years and to Amy Ratcliffe our co-host, you deserve best fan not just fan girl but regardless we are so very proud and happy for you.

Here is the list of this year’s Star Wars Podcast Award winners…

Adaptation/Fan Fiction: Smuggler’s Bounty (Rebel Force Radio) (iTunes) (Site)
Collecting: Star Wars Collectors Cast (Jedi News Network) (iTunes) (Site)
Cover Art (logo): Coffee with Kenobi (iTunes) (Site)
Editing/Production: Rebel Force Radio (iTunes) (Site)
Ensemble Cast: Fangirls Going Rogue (iTunes) (Site)
Fanboy Host: Jimmy “Mac” McInerney (Rebel Force Radio) (iTunes) (Site)
Fangirl Host: Amy Ratcliffe (Full of Sith) (iTunes) (Site)
Foreign Language: Radio Tatooine – der deutsche STAR WARS Podcast (iTunes) (Site)
Gaming: Campaign Podcast (One Shot Network) (iTunes) (Site)
Hiatus/Retired: Republic Forces Radio Network – A Star Wars Clone Wars Podcast (iTunes) (Site)
Intro Theme: Full of Sith (iTunes) (Site)
Literature: Star Wars Bookworms (iTunes) (Site)
People’s Choice: Coffee with Kenobi (iTunes) (Site)
Podcast Network: Making Star Wars (iTunes) (Site)
Rookie/New Show: Unmistakably Star Wars (iTunes) (Site)
TV Review (Rebels): Live from Lothal (The Star Wars Underworld) (iTunes) (Site)

Listen to the SWPA show with all of the announcements here…

Please visit the Star Wars Podcast Awards website for more information…!2016-Awards-Ceremony-Star-Wars-Podcast-Awards/cqzu0/571d37230cf2a12871b7446c

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