Episode III: Revenge Of The Ranch

Episode III: Revenge Of The Ranch
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Episode III: Revenge Of The Ranch
Recorded 1/15/13

In Episode III, Consetta talked about working at Rancho Obi-wan, Bryan talked about visiting Rancho Obi-wan, and Mike grew increasingly jealous about never having been to Rancho Obi-wan. Then they spoke about their expectations of Episode VI, then talk devolved into a discussion about Jar Jar Binks.

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Special thanks to Kabuto The Python for his song Star Wars LOL that was an added bonus for you all at the end of the episode.

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Download a very special Episode IV with IGN’s Eric Goldman on Wednesday and Episode V next Sunday!

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  1. Ryan (Dewback66)

    Another great episode!

  2. Thanks Ryan. I also appreciate in this day of social media that you take the time and come here and post your thoughts old school.

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