Rumor Control 07

Rumor Control 07

Rumor Control 07

Recorded 2/25/17

In honor of the three millionth rumor about the Original Theatrical Versions of Star Wars finally getting released on home video, RUMOR CONTROL returns, to attempt tackling the LAST 20 YEARS of misconception and misinformation spread via bad reporting and impassioned rumormongering regarding WHY you can’t buy the theatrical versions on blu-ray, WHY the only version that exists on DVD are old Laserdisc masters, WHAT’S the deal with the rights, HOW mad could George Lucas possibly be, and is THIS what the big surprise is waiting for fans at Celebration’s 40th Anniversary Panel? 20 years of rumors, addressed in just 30 minutes! Can’t guarantee you’re gonna LIKE the answers – but there WILL be answers.

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Special thanks to Bobby Roberts
for controlling the rumors this week!

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  1. n.r. lewis

    +1 for reporting on this topic and shedding some light on the actual facts, sources, etc. instead of spreading more rumors like everywhere else. Kudos.

  2. Brilliant! More Bobby Roberts! (As Always)

    I am so glad for this compendium of information. It actually kind of gives me hope that it may happen one day, but it is helpful to recognize that it will take a lot of money to do it right, and that the market really isn’t large enough. Really good perspective.


  1. So about that “original” original trilogy… | Club Jade - […] on how plugged in you are on the issue. For those of us who shrug at the rigmarole, there’s ...

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