Episode CCXLVII: Star Wars – The Last Jedi Spoiler Reaction Show

Episode CCXLVII: Star Wars – The Last Jedi Spoiler Reaction Show
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Episode CCXLVII: Star Wars – The Last Jedi Spoiler Reaction Show
Recorded 12/15/17

Bryan, Holly, Mike, and special guest Bobby Roberts do an extra long episode reacting to Star Wars: The Last Jedi, though it still wasn’t long enough. From what we loved to discussing the little things and all points in between, this is the discussion of The Last Jedi you’re looking for.

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Special thanks to Bobby Roberts
(@BobbyRobertsPDX) for joining us this week!

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  1. **SPOILERS**
    I don’t think Luke meant that he didn’t think Ben couldn’t be redeemed when he says, “I came here to face him, but I can’t save him” because he tells her afterwords “No one is ever truly gone” Luke understands that he himself has ruined his chance at saving Ben since he ‘created’ but that doesn’t mean someone else couldn’t do it.

    Luke’s showdown with Kylo is probably my favorite scene in Star Wars. The regret and compassion on Luke’s face every time they do that close up breaks my heart.

  2. Another great discussion! And great to hear Bobby again. Something I just had to point out, and I’m not trying to attack Bryan (love u Bryan). But whenever Bryan throws shots/critiques at JJ Abrams, they feel petty. We all know JJ isn’t a fan of the Prequels and I think that’s a sore spot for Bryan. I could be wrong, but I’ve been listening to you guys since the Disney purchase and it’s something I’ve noticed. And I think I notice this because I’m sometimes quick to defend Abrams, and I’m quick to defend Abrams because I absolutely love Rey, Finn, Kylo and Poe-and I credit JJ for that. Again I could be way off, but I felt compelled to share. I am huge fan of the FoS crew(adding Holly was a Thrawn level genius move) and I always say we need more fans like Bryan Young in the community! May the force of others be with you.

  3. Hagbard Celine

    Shorter version of your consensus: as long as you forget everything that made you love Star Wars in the first place, you will enjoy this film!

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