Episode CCXLVIII: Decoding The Last Jedi

Episode CCXLVIII: Decoding The Last Jedi
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Episode CCXLVIII: Decoding The Last Jedi
Recorded 12/26/17

After more than 15 combined viewings of the film, Bryan, Holly, and Mike help break down problems you might have had with The Last Jedi and bring another hour and a half of analysis to the world of Star Wars.

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  1. Jonathan Gray

    I agreed with the fan that asked for your help on “how to defend” The Last Jedi. I was about to start writing you a very similar message when you read his message.

    Just after hearing 3 part Last Jedi music it hint me. 1-3 was the raise of Aniken Skywalker and 4-6 was the raise of Luke Skywalker and his part of helping Aniken putting the balance back into the force.

    I wanted Rey to be a Skywalker (or maybe a reborn Aniken), but now I know that she CAN not be! 7-9 is the fail of Skywalker family. Ben Skywalker will need to fall to end the story that George Lucas started. After 9 if Disney wants to make an new trilogy (or 10-12) with Rey and/or other new characters as long as it does not have Ben Skywalkers kid I will be more happy.

    PS Over thanksgiving my cousin told me to leave his house when I said “JarJar should not be removed from 1-3” I used the points that Bryan shared with us fans and my cousin let me stay. We then talked about all those points in more details over dinner and I enjoyed seeing him start to see JarJar in a new light. Our 2nd cousin just laughed that NPR said that people should not talk about politics over Thanksgiving and the biggest fight at our family’s Thanksgiving was Star Wars not politics.

  2. CJ Ross

    I belatedly found you, via the Force (twitter, thanks to Blast Points). I love what you’re doing.

    Now I am one of these people with heavy reservations about the prequels. Some is to do with story, a lot is to do with the acting (not just him, others too) and a hell of a lot is to do with the CG. Likewise, I see the Special Editions of the originals as pointless.
    But that’s just me. I loved Force Awakens and I loved Rogue One.

    I’ve seen The Last Jedi four times now and it gets better with every viewing.
    I enjoyed it the first time I saw it, but left the cinema feeling, well, odd. Partly, I was mourning Carrie Fisher and confused as to where they can go without her. I was also mourning Luke, but we’ll surely be seeing him again. There were a few things I took issue with and these were heightened on my second viewing.
    I went the following night with one of my best friends and a Star Wars fan and he was equally discombobulated. And I had do endure him picking various bits apart (mostly CG related stuff), which I’d already gone over in my head.

    The third viewing ironed out pretty much all of my misgivings. It’s a masterpiece. I kind of suspected it was on viewing one, because I thought about it nearly non-stop after seeing it. And it made me feel weird. No film has done that to me since I first went to the cinema, when I was six, to see Empire Strikes Back. The lessons it teaches are excellent. The action scenes are mind-blowing. The story arc works and the niggles I had about CG and some of the jokes went away.
    I still don’t understand why people take issue with Canto Bight. I’m glad Leia used the Force to survive. And for anyone questioning Holdo, the only reasonable answer is “CHAIN OF COMMAND”.

    One thing I’d like to add to the “why Luke didn’t got to Crait” questions is this:
    Kylo Ren wants three things. We only really knew about two until he sliced Snoke in half. The others were the destruction of the Resistance and to find and kill Luke Skywalker (also his master). Had Luke gone, then Kylo would either have killed him. Luke has now robbed Kylo of this.
    This also allowed the remaining Rebels time to escape, thus saving the resistance and allowing it to grow anew.

    Many thanks for the podcast, I will be listening avidly from now on.


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