Special Release: Spoiler-Free First Reactions to The Rise of Skywalker

Special Release: Spoiler-Free First Reactions to The Rise of Skywalker
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Special Release: Spoiler-Free First Reactions to The Rise of Skywalker

Recorded 12/15/19

Bryan was fortunate enough to be able to attend the world premiere of The Rise of Skywalker. Afterward, he was joined by Chris Taylor to try to put thoughts into words as far as a first reaction to the film was concerned. This brief special episode is your spoiler-free window into the first reactions and we’ll be back later in the week with a full spoiler show.

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  1. Justin Macdonald

    The Rise of Skywalker is an example of woeful & gutless filmmaking that proves Disney is in no way as committed to equality & tolerance as they would like to appear. They’ve done a good job of paying lip service to diversity but they still covet the contents of every narrow minded bigot out there. One only has to watch the film and witness how it gleefully throws poor Kelly Marie Tran under the bus to appease mouth breathing alt-right imbeciles & white supremacists to realise this.

    If you don’t think my opinion is correct that’s fine. Reasonable people can have divergences of opinion. All I ask is that you seriously ask yourself this: if Disney execs are so devoted to diversity & equality, then why is their company still named after it’s founder-a noted anti-Semite & a man who were he alive today would proudly sport a MAGA hat?

  2. Justin Macdonald

    Rise of Skywalker is so awful. It basically retcons all the interesting stuff from TLJ. The explanation for Palpatine’s return is a complete joke-the only explanation offered is literally ‘mumble mumble something something cloning’ (yes really). But if this version of Palpatine is a clone, how has he aged? It’s just really poor, lazy storytelling. But I supposed nothing less could be expected from the director of Star Trek: Into Darkness and the writer of Batman v Superman & Justice League.

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