Episode CCCLXXXIX: The Holiday Specials

Episode CCCLXXXIX: The Holiday Specials
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Episode CCCLXXXIX: The Holiday Specials
Recorded 11/18/20

Bryan and Holly got together to talk about both Star Wars Holiday Specials. Holly reminisces about seeing the original on the air, the legacy it’s had over the years, and their impressions of the brand new LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.

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One comment

  1. I watched it live too.
    The idea that you can judge the SWHS with modern sensibilities is folly.
    This is a product of its time.
    And era of disingenuous Holiday Specials, Variety Shows, Lame Comedy, Overt sexism, and whatever Guest Stars you could get.
    If you weren’t there, you cannot possibly have a handle on it.

    Also, this was literally THE FIRST STAR WARS ANYTHING after the first film. That it doesn’t match up with 30+ years of continuing narrative minutia? C’mon.

    Please revisit Splinter Of The Mind’s Eye. Not exactly perfect, but still fully embraced by many completists.

    Guest stars? Ever sit down with your kids and watch the old Muppet Show? Alan Arkin? Who’s he? Linda Lavin? Who? Milton Berle? Joel Grey? Ruth Buzzi???
    Yeah…relevance is all about context and time period.

    Harvey Korman was on The Muppet Show too.

    Nelvana Animation is a Canadian company. Not only did they go on to do DROIDS and EWOKS, but they did many holiday cartoons like The Devil & Daniel Mouse (Which was expanded and turned into ROCK & RULE which is inarguably a period work of cinema art).

    Writer Bruce Villanche also makes one of his few acting appearances in ICE PIRATES!
    Writer Pat Proft is local to me here in Minneapolis. He has refused to even be on hand for the charity screenings of the SWHS. Mostly in a tongue-in cheek way. He’s not proud of the work, but its really just a sad footnote in his career that is eclipsed by the rest of his comedy career.

    So, yeah.

    I love the SWHS. I watch it several times a year.

    Now I need to let you guys know that I also LOVE your podcast. Particularly when you have a guest to play off of. The discussions with differing opinion folks makes it even better.

    Thanks for your diligence and keeping me supplied with an entertaining info stream!

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