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Bryan Young

Bryan Young (Co-Host, Co-Creator) -

Bryan Young

Bryan Young is the writer/filmmaker behind the “Cinema Behind Star Wars” column every month on the official Star Wars website. He’s also written about Star Wars (among other things) for places like Huffington Post, Salt Lake City Weekly, and Big Shiny Robot! (where he’s also the editor-in-chief). He’s also the author of the bestselling comedy novel Lost at the Con, and the critically acclaimed science fiction novel Operation: Montauk. His son’s name is Anakin and he once got drunk and argued about the prequels with Jake Lloyd.


  1. Neil lowery

    Hello everyone, I’m Neil from the uk . I love the show , it’s great to hear about all things Star Wars from you. I’m 44 and I do love the prequels! I don’t have a massive collection. Do you think there will be as much hype for ep 7 , as there was for ep 1? I still remember 1999 , it was surreal . Take care and keep up the good work !.

  2. I think as we get closer people will be loosing their minds. I don’t want to over hype it, then again, I won’t be disappointed anyway. Thanks for listening Neil, we appreciate it!

  3. I just discovered your site and I too love the prequels. I am 41, a fan from the begining… Would love to contribute in some way.

  4. Would love to participate in a podcast… POV from a Joe Blow not connected to the industry.

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