Holly Frey

Holly Frey

Holly Frey


Holly has her hand in many pies. She is one of the hosts of the award-winning Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast from HowStuffWorks, as well as another podcast she hosts with Bryan Young, Fauxthentic History. She also hosts videos for HowStuffWorks, covering everything from Star Wars Celebration to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

When she’s not talking about Star Wars or the past, she’s sewing, watching television, visiting a Disney park, rescuing animals, going to the movies, traipsing around town in a ridiculous costume or obsessing over delicious food. Sometimes, she does several of these things at once. Her guiding principle since she was a child is that no matter what turns life may take, as long as she can express herself creatively, there’s a way to get through anything.





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