Mike Pilot

Mike Pilot

Tha Mike Pilot (Host, Co-Creator, Producer) - mike@fullofsith.com


Honorary Member of the Empire City Garrison of the 501st Legion


Mike is also the host, co-creator and producer of the comedy podcast Obviously Oblivious based in Mohnton, Pennsylvania which also streams on the Mediocre Radio Network every other Sunday night at 7:05 pm eastern. (the weeks in between the live shows Mike interviews different talents from Neil deGrass Tyson to Bryan Young, Eric Tomorrow, Kerry Jackson, Mos Jeff Anderson, C Jason Bilbrey and many more) With Evil Cat, South Philly Paul and their strange brand of brutally honest comedy mixed with science talk, you’re never far from hearing an uncomfortable argument, ball busting shananary or some really educational talk about the universe we reside. OO as their listeners lovingly call it can also be find in the iTunes top 100 Comedy podcasts and anywhere else you can find/stream/download podcasts.

https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/obviously-oblivious/ id322154103

Mike started his podcasting career on the now retired but wildly successful show called the Awful Show (host, co-creator, producer) from 2006 thru 2009 – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/awful-show-the/ id161972632

Mike also was a Co-Host of the Mediocre Show broadcasting live from West Chester, Pennsylvania – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/mediocre-show/id83936817?mt=2

Mike resides outside of Reading, PA with his wife Ariana and their 9 year old daughter Anyah who is also an avid lover and collector of anything Star Wars. They also share their home with their Great Dane Zelda, Italian Masitff/Neo Mastiff Mix Kabuto and their cats Toonces and Kit Kat. (RIP Samson and Reeces)

Who is Mike in the Star Wars universe? No one to note and he’s never claimed to be. He is just a guy who’s favorite movie is The Empire Strikes Back, has an almost unhealthy addiction to collecting anything Darth Vader and is the guy that everyone posts new Star Wars memes and products on his facebook and twitter feeds because they all know that he loves it.

Tha Mike’s Complete Showography – http://www.thamike.com/tmxml.xml

Tha Mike Pilot


  1. Randy Meyer

    Congrats on the new gig, Mike! The last name kinda throws me off a bit…

  2. Thanks Randy! I hope you listen and dig it, you could hear 2 episodes a day driving back and forth to work. I’ve always used Pilot as my show name. How are you and the fam?

  3. Randy Meyer

    I guess you need to hide yourself a bit from the throngs of groupies throwing themselves at you, hehe! I’ll definitely get around to hearing some of the shows but not during my drive due to lack of an auxiliary input.

    Things are still going well here. The wife and I have both been getting into shape and have quit smoking, finally. The kids will both be playing baseball this season and my son just ran his first full mile at only 7 and under 8 minutes! Wish they had track teams for his age.

    That picture of you and Anyah as Vader and Leia is awesome!

  4. Dude that’s dope, congrats on it all. We should catch up.

  5. Mike,
    I’ve been a fan of the show since you started and I have loved the overall vibe of it all along. However, something has been bugging me for a while and I felt the need to bring it to your attention. First of all, let me state that I am not a huge EU fan. I have read a couple of the books and I got the marvel comics when I was a kid. My problem is the way that you and bobby attack the fans of the EU. It is your podcast’s mission statement that it is a safe haven for Star Wars fans, but lately it feels like that only applies to fans that don’t care about all of the books, comics, video games, etc. that have been published and produced throughout the years. You’ve stated multiple times that you are a fan of the clone wars tv show. What if that no longer “counted”? What if Ashoka was essentially thrown away? I know that the stories still exist and that a person can still read them, but I wish that you ( I don’t have any hope for bobby) could see where these fans are coming from. I do like the show, and I deliberately subscribed to your podcast because I found the others to have too much of a toxic vibe, but I’m just concerned with the way it no longer feels like a “safe place” for ALL Star Wars fans. Thank you for your time.
    Take care,

  6. Kent, I’m sorry you feel that way. I thought since the show began that I made it clear that I never really got into the EU books, stories, et cetera… But that I did understand why it was important to fandom and more importantly Star Wars as a whole.

    The only things I’ve even said about the EU that could be taken as negative (which I wasn’t being negative) is that people get fanatical over certain things and get so worked up they can’t see past the issue that is at hand at that moment.

    For instance this past show, i said that certain people
    should calm down and wait and see what happens before they go off the handle.

    I truly believe that things will work out in the end. Years ago I was just as fanatical, but these days I’m happy we are getting more Star Wars and I’ll be positive until I see something to make me feel otherwise.

    My sincere apologies to you and anyone one else I may have offended.

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